Bringing in the right people, at the right time, for the right price

Execution Approach

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Integrated Marketing Communications

While "boutique" marketing companies and consultants frequently provide innovation in a particular area, their individual solutions can be one-dimensional.  While many larger companies have the ability to provide multiple-marketing related disciplines, they can be inflexible with their proprietary processes and tools and potentially add significant overhead costs to your marketing efforts.  Our business model is based on the requirement to recognize innovation and best practice across multiple marketing-related disciplines, and to integrate and synchronize our partner efforts and their activities to provide the right talents, at the right time, and at the right cost.  We continually seek and vet "best practice" partners to support our efforts.  We will also work with any vendors with whom you may have a special relationship to execute the following activities, which are consistent with our four-step process:

1. Research

  • Target Audience(s) (customer) analysis and segmentation
  • Sales cycle analysis
  • Marketing research (traditional and non-traditional methods)
  • Competitor analysis

2. Strategy and Planning

  • Marketing Strategy (tied to a unifying theme-corporate strategy)
  • Effects Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Evaluation Strategy: strategy for measuring, collecting and evaluating measures of effectiveness (MOE) and measures of performance (MOP) and effects to be achieved

3. Production and Deployment

Production of products and communication channels based on your approved strategies.

4. Measurement and Evaluation

Your return on investment.

Our approach is designed to be flexible and scalable based on your marketing requirements, budget and needs.  All marketing efforts will include metrics that you agree on before any money is spent!