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Integrated Marketing Communications

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Turck Strategic Communication LLC  Approach to Marketing

Marketing encompasses multiple disciplines, whether you are selling ideas, products, or services.  If your marketing investment does not measurably contribute to your "bottom line" you should question your approach.  Marketing efforts which do not complement and support the activities of your sales team should always be called into question. Turck Strategic Communication LLC aims to bridge the gap that can occur between your sales and marketing team and synergize these efforts by focusing on the following areas:

  • Analyzing Your Sales Cycle.  We pair sales and marketing professionals together to ensure that we fully analyze your sales cycle before any recommendations are made.  We take the time to confirm how and when your buyers make their procurement decisions within your sales cycle and where your sales force time and efforts can be maximized.
  • Identifying and Segmenting Your Target Audiences.  Business themes and messages may vary widely relative to the target audience/segments and desired effects.  Failure to properly segment your target audiences to the most viable levels will inevitably result in wasted resources and failed (possibly even negative) messaging.  Unlike many marketers and advertisers, we are not bound by a single process, tool, or technology. Our diverse partner and associate approach allows us to continually utilize diverse and highly creative talent with the latest techniques to deliver precise and compelling messages to well-defined target audiences and segments. 
  • Optimizing Digital Outreach. While all channels of communication are considered, the Internet has given us the ability to segment a target audience down to an individual level and to provide compelling messaging relative to their individual requirements, biases and concerns.  Our methodologies allow us to identify these very uniquely targeted audiences and individuals with targeted messaging.


We will recommend cost and performance metrics in all of our projects BEFORE we begin—you will only have to pay for results!

Communicating for a Personal Connection

by Pete Turck on 03-Jun-09 12:15
I wanted to use my "inaugural blogs", so to speak, to more clearly define the influencing factors that drove me to use the unique business model that we have at Turck Strategic Communication

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