Business and proposal experts to help you tell a compelling story

Presentation and Proposal Support

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Bid and Proposal Support

You’re down to the wire on a must-win re-compete and you expect the RFP to be released at any moment. To make matters worse, your proposal section is tied up in two strategic proposal efforts.

What We Do for You

We pair former business managers with proposal specialists and contracts and pricing experts—personnel with the knowledge, experience and tools to make a difference the moment they walk through your door.

Formal Proposal Development—we provide:

  • Experienced proposal managers and coordinators
  • Experts for color team reviews
  • Pricing and contract specialists
  • Storyboard training support
  • Editors/graphic support
  • Evaluation and follow-up

Presentation Support—we provide:

  • All of the above support and...
  • Orals preparation and coaching
  • Room staging