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Puckett & Associates

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Company Overview


Viral Marketing, Blogs, Facebook, Second Life, Twitter, MySpace, your space, inner space, outer space. Huh? It's easy to be seduced and confused by all the amazing social marketing tools. The world is hyperventilating over all the ways we can instantly target and communicate with one another. But no medium or way to deliver a message will transcend the need for ideas that influence and motivate. Ideas that are grounded in the mindset of your target audience. Ideas that are present tense and conscious of the mood swings of a rapidly evolving nation and world. Puckett & Associates is a marketing firm whose people stay grounded in strategy first, focused on the message, then look to deliver it in whichever medium will accomplish the best result. We specialize in original ideas that touch people. Ideas that are inspired by the most current condition of elusive markets. We'll take a hard look at not only who your customer is, but who you want it to be.

Too often as marketers we are so busy assessing markets that we forget that it is our business to shape them. At Puckett & Associates we know you need brilliant ideas on the table today, not some protracted process that drains your budget and extols insights that aren't actionable. And since all at P&A are creative in the key disciplines of marketing, we can vet the viability of a direction with ideas. In short Puckett & Associates is a collection of the best and the brightest. Creative strategists who love what they do. Let's find your big idea together.

Service Areas

  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • Web Design & Development
  • Media Buying
  • Market Analysis
  • Planning
  • Direct Response
  • PR

Highlighted Clients

  • CBS News
  • Military OneSource
  • Washington National Opera
  • Deploy America
  • HD Radio
  • Cathedral Choral Society
  • Music Maker Relief Foundation

Bill Puckett

President, Executive Creative Director

Bill PuckettA Southern Californian who spent 18 years in Manhattan mastering the advertising marketing business. Bill's a creative director who knows that the shortest route to a brilliant idea starts with a brilliant strategy. And a brilliant strategy is derived from the most current read of our culture. Bill has harvested the best and the brightest people he's worked with at top agencies along the way in all key disciplines and has launched a creative driven business. Puckett's work has consistently been effective because he insists that original creative be grounded in sound marketing strategies, never sacrificing "effective" for the sake of being "clever." While Puckett has won many major marketing awards from Clios to One Show pencils, his greatest satisfaction is when he's able to effect cultural change and do work that in fact improves the quality of life for many. As a board member of Music Maker Relief Foundation Puckett recently developed a very successful artist relief program that has made a world of difference for many New Orleans artists who were victims of hurricane Katrina.

Puckett also helped launch and develop marketing for a DOD support program called Military OneSource. It's a program created for the American Military and their families for support in areas such as healthcare, counseling and financial aid. He also just conceived and launched a 501c3 named America's GreenZone that offers Free counseling and confidential support to anyone in the military or their familes. Go to to learn more.

Contracting Details

Puckett & Associates Marketing, LLC

Small Business, Minority Owned


EIN:  20-2967395

Date of Incorporation:  June 8, 2005


DUNS:  174709670

NAICS:   541810, 541820, 541830, 541840, 541850, 541860, 541870, 541890, 541910