HYOD Enterprises

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Company Overview

URL: http://hyodenterprises.com

unknown HYOD Enterprises is a professional services and management consulting firm offering high yield options for diversified enterprises.  Dedicated to the businesses and organizations striving to participate and succeed in the lucrative opportunities available through Federal Contracting with the U.S.Government, the name HYOD really portrays who we are and what we do,    

 HYOD services enable our clients to communicate their intentions, desires, concepts, and ideas effectively to the people they are trying to reach.

project planWhen Deborah and Harlan Wax started HYOD they thought about what the client was looking for when entering into a highly competitive arena where the prospects are many, and the odds are great against the ill advised and/or ill prepared.  HYOD services are directed to that company looking for a high yield return and a new way forward, a new operational deployment.  For 16 years, HYOD has worked with its customers, in assessing objectives, environments, and requirements; in formulating plans which resonate with the customer and in implementing that plan as the way forward.

HYOD Enterprises is a Small, Woman-Owned professional services company centrally located in Northern Virginia.  In touch with Government agencies, Fortune 500, and FAST 50 companies focused on improving performance, responsiveness, cost efficiency and competitiveness.  HYOD Enterprises provides services integral to transformation, development, and growth. HYOD Enterprises has been offering its services since 1993 to commercial businesses working in media, transportation, information systems, as well as government contracting firms engaged in logistics, engineering and program management support.  HYOD Enterprises has supported government agencies as they realign their organizations to better serve the public providing subject matter expertise and services in program, contract and financial assessment, planning, management, and implementation.cube

HYOD has a matrixed approach to providing services which takes into account the elements of the tasking, the corporate culture, and the sponsor's objectives.  This methodology mirrors the depth and breadth of the knowledge and skills available which are then applied against the needs of the customer.  It has been our experience that most customers want to be empowered, to gain the know how to address the where-of's, therefore's, and needs to's.  The HYOD subject matter expertise is integrated against a scale for participation from independent development to collaborative team approach to support through task assignment.  The HYOD contribution is geared to providing what the customer needs to promote itself in the federal market environment and being successful.  HYOD does so keeping an eye on the objective, relying on its strengths of knowledge and experience, and providing the requisite support to a customer for addressing the immediate requirement as well as preparing for the how to of the future.

Service Areas

HYOD Enterprises is committed to the organizations striving to meet business and mission goals.  HYOD has the knowledge, experience and capabilities in:

  • Accounting and Financial Management,
  • Contract Management,
  • Procurement Management,
  • Proposal Management & Development,
  • Bid and Price Development and Preparation,
  • Project & Program Management,
  • Business Development,
  • Marketing,
  • Acquisitions and Mergers, and
  • Process and Policy Development

Highlighted Clients

  • US Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
  • WETA
  • ValueOptions
  • Preferred Systems Solutions, Inc. (PSS)
  • INDUS Corporation
  • MVM, Inc.
  • Warden Associates, Inc.
  • Ricciardi Technologies, Inc. (RTI)
  • Gardy-McGrath International
  • Creative Eye

Contracting Details

Small, Woman-Owned Business, CCR.gov Registered


waxDeborah Wax is a Government Accounting, Contract and Financial Management subject matter expert, having spent the majority of her career leading organizations of government consulting and services firms and working with federal agencies in acquisition and budget development and implementation.   Deborah's commitment to formulating, structuring and implementing processes and procedures and training personnel has been keystone to the transition and transformation of a number of organizations as they advance into the Federal market place.  Deborah is a dynamic visionary who leads by example, is able to communicate to every level of the organizational structure and is driven by her passion to achieve performance excellence.

Deborah is a George Mason alumni and a recognized entrepreneur having been featured in the Washington Business Journal, the Washington Post, and the Today Show.