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Company Overview

heartwoodURL: www.hwd3d.com

Heartwood has been delivering the most demanding mission critical training applications for defense, military, aerospace, corporate and oil/energy applications since 2002. Ranked as the 13th fastest growing company in the San Francisco East Bay Area, Heartwood's award winning applications have been featured on 'CNN' and 'Discovery Channel' as well as in 'Entrepreneur Magazine'. Our team of technical experts is focused on creating custom, PC based, turnkey solutions that support Quick Application Implementation (QAI), an advantage available only from Heartwood C2ActTM Systems.
Utilizing the broadest range of 3-D modeling, simulation, gaming and other visual technologies Heartwood C2ActTM Systems provides its customers with robust training applications in a safe, interactive and cost effective virtual environment. Depending on customer requirements, training systems can be instantly accessed on a global basis via web based platforms. This also allows for seamless and immediate roll out of modifications and upgrades to training programs with minimal cost and risk as compared to traditional training methods. For more information on Heartwood's C2ActTM  training system, please go to www.hwd3d.com/portfolio/defense/c2act.php 

Highlighted Clients

  • Raytheon
  • ATK
  • Goodrich
  • ITT
  • Bae Systems