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About Us

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The Turck LLC Difference

Turck Strategic Communication LLC provides consulting and full-service support in the following areas:

Why Strategic Communication?

We believe at the most basic level almost everything we do is about human-human communication.  Based on that belief, the art and science of communication is about using the most effective and appropriate means to identify and remove barriers to communication.  This will allow you to deliver compelling and precise messages to clearly defined target audience(s) to achieve your desired effect(s) in support of your long-term business strategy.

Our Business Model

We use mature business processes in all of our engagements. We believe that the importance of agility and flexibility in the delivery of support and in helping our customers adapt to change, cannot be overstated.  We believe in the power of small business innovation. Most of the creativity and innovation in America comes from smaller and more agile firms. At Turck Strategic Communication LLC, we selectively partner with hand-picked business partners and associates to harness the power of innovation to deliver fully integrated solutions to our customers.

Project Management

We are committed to establishing and maintaining collaborative and transparent client relationships in all aspects of project cost, performance and schedule. Before we begin any project, we will identify and agree on specific performance metrics and deliverables. All of our partners, associates and employees are firmly committed to this approach. Job #1 for Turck Strategic Communication is project management and oversight.

Commitment to Diversity

At Turck Strategic Communication we are committed to diversity. Our partners have been selected on the basis of both their innovation and their demonstrated commitment to diversity. Why? We view diversity as critical to the workplace because each different life experience brings new approaches and new ideas. True innovation and creativity will not take place in the absence of diverse ideas and opinions.


Turck Strategic Communication LLC—Linking People and Networks